Z Arquitetura.

Badel Block _ Zagreb
Localização: Zagreb, Croácia2012
Tipologia: Concurso
Status: Concurso
Arquiteto(s): Bruno Barreto; Múcio Jucá; Noé Sérgio; Patrícia Quitella; Renato Leão.

The proposal for the so-called Badel area, in Zagreb, is based on the idea of looking for opportunities at the urban scale to establish an adequate connectivity of public spaces. We believe this is a crucial issue when one thinks about a viable city planning, to ensure a lively and vivid ambience, with places for gathering, meeting and circulation of people, and its consequences on economic and social sustainability.

Furthermore, the proposal aims at creating a new centrality as an alternative to the actual situation in Zagreb, characterized by the concentration around the Squares ban Josip Jela?i? and Dolac / marketplace square.

In response to this, we propose a sequence of 4 open, convex and continuous public spaces, each with their own “identity”, holding complementary and often sequential activities, and where mobility plays an important role.

To morphologically define and design these public spaces, we established a few criteria:

·  To knit together surrounding spaces, streets and buildings, promoting pedestrian circulation.

·  To shape the space around the newly created square in dialogue with the sequence of buildings located to the east of the site,

·  To define the morphology according to existing surrounding buildings

Some block interiors in a city like Zagreb are often accessible while others are non-accessible. This proposal looks at the possibilities of creating a public-oriented block interior, and furthermore, to irrigate this space with different access points.

The main issue is to promote certain patterns of circulation throughout the three proposed public spaces, adding value to future economic and social sustainability.

This proposal intends to create an identity to Badel area, through a notion of limitless unity of spaces and more freedom for pedestrian mobility, welcoming all streams that cross the site.

Furthermore, it should indicate a possibility for the use of block interior in the Donji Grad, promoting diagonal crossing of blocks, and thus creating new possibilities for the mixed-use pattern.

Rooftop semi-public space

At the rooftop of newly created buildings, we propose semi-public spaces with free access mainly to residents, day workers and hotel costumers. The idea is to generate green area, but also for the use of private part-time commercial premises, like restaurant.

Furthermore, it can generate a meeting place for two main categories of redeveloped Badel area users: residents and day workers. 

The main issue behind this proposal for the Badel area, in Zagreb, is to look for opportunities of site redevelopment based on the concepts of complimentarity, integration and permeability