Z Arquitetura.

Turin Sport Citadel
Localização: Turin Itália2019
Tipologia: Desenho Urbano
Status: Concurso
Arquiteto(s): Bruno Firmino; Múcio Jucá; Renato Leão.

Projeto premiado do YAC 2019 _ Turin Sport Citadel.

The proposed intervention seeks to establish urban identity values through a series of sports equipment that are inserted in the context as protagonists, as points of interest, this time hybridized, mixed with other uses and thus the urban life of the Citadel.

The approach seeks to overlap the three spatial disciplines – architecture, urbanism and landscaping – through the creation of artificial topographies, sculpting a new urban landscape in Turin.

The project brings a scenario of multiplicity of uses and activities that will be incorporated into the routine of citizens, rebuilding collective identities. The city recovers its principle of articulating, integrating and condensing urban activities, guided by sports equipment as urban landmarks, as references.

To achieve the goals of a new city, a strategy based on the idea of hybrid blocks, with overlapping uses, was proposed. A network of peatonal and continuous public spaces, mixed-use buildings, intense green areas, generous public spaces were created; promoting meeting points and places of sociability. Ideas that point to a wider perception of tri-dimensionality of spaces, with a territorial strategy that generates new urbanities, new geographies and a new centrality.

Hybrid blocks

Unlike traditional Olympic parks, which are based on the typical Modernist separation of functions, the concept here is to overlap all different functions and typologies in every block.

The residents will live in a block which holds not only commercial and service activities, but also courts, or swimming pools or other sports facilities. Every residential unit will be visually connected to the city streets but also to the inner court of the block, thus to some sport facility.

Spatial continuity and urban agriculture

The concept of spatial continuity is also emphasized by the roof of the hybrid blocks, based on the concept of artificial topography.

This will create opportunities for pedestrian to circulate on top of the buildings / blocks, which will also offer great views to the surrounding landscape and the Alps at the horizon.

On top of each of these blocks, we propose agricultural fields and plantation for the production of fruit and vegetables for the residents and by the residents, thus promoting sustainability through action.

The roof will also be used for the production of energy through the installation of some 4000m² of solar panels, which will generate enough energy for approximately 200 residential units.

Pedestrian and bike-road network

The project provides a wide network of public and peatonal spaces, thus guaranteeing socialization, health, urbanity and the apprehension of the landscape. For this, two boulevards were created that cut the area of intervention connecting their extremes, and defining the hybrid-use blocks. These boulevards are intersected by a service cycle-road network that permeates the entire area of intervention and expands to the edges from the park and the urban surroundings.

The proposal seeks to expand the bike network that runs through the district of Mappano to the Sports Citadel site and beyond, eastwards to Fornacino and westwards to Borgaro Torinese, promoting better mobility options both for the athlete residents, but also for local residents of the region.

Female Protagonism and Football

The proposal is based on the understanding that Turin´s Sports Citadel is also an opportunity for women´s football, or more precisely, for a venue for both Juventus´ and Torino´s women´s professional teams.

We propose a 20K spectators capacity stadium to be shared by the clubs, bringing the opportunity to develop and expand local women´s football through appropriate and contemporary facilities, following the international standards of technical requirements.

The stadium roof was designed as a slope which is to be used as the Sports Citadel´s public park, creating opportunities for different leisure activities for the residents, according to the periods of the year.

The stadium is located close to the main road that connects Turin and the airport, thus guaranteeing easy access to any future public transport system but also to an underground carpark for some 4k vehicles. The proposal also includes a bus station that shall be used especially during match-days.

Heritage and historical experience

The ruin located within the site is to be restored and converted into a sports educational building, as required, so that local memory is maintained but also experienced by the students and athletes.

Rugby and Athletism (track and field)

The proposal also looks at the opportunity of promoting as many sports activities as possible within the limits of the citadel. By locating the rugby field and athletics (track and field) in the site located along Via Rivarolo, we seek to promote the free circulation of athletes and residents in the neighborhood.

The proposal is to create the adequate structure following the technical requirements for both rugby and athletics activities, and also adjacent covered stands for some 1000 spectators for each activity, that can also hold events at the same time.

Some 40% of the site will also be destined for reforestation, as a continuum of existent Parco Unione Europea.